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Stephanie Meyer is a local teacher whose passion for teaching has inspired her to leave her successful career working for a Fortune 500 company for a full-time teaching position...

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  • Redirect funds directly into the classroom – where it counts!


  • Recruit and retain professional teachers with better pay, more flexibility and autonomy


  • Allow families greater choice in their child's education


  • Prevent children from being trapped in failing schools and promote programs that boost literacy skills


  • Encourage community engagement and parent participation in all schools


  • Expand mental health counseling for every student


  • Partner with our Sheriff’s office to collaboratively make our schools safer and more secure


  • Advocate for ESE students in streamlining the process for providing services and support


  • Support the use of unbiased traditional core curriculum in all schools


  • Utilize first hand experience as both educator and parent to implement contingency plans for extended illnesses and keeping students, faculty and staff safe and healthy at school


  • Apply common sense solutions to responsibly allocate funds where students benefit most




Pinellas County GOP

Fraternal Order of Police

Speaker Designate Rep. Chris Sprowls 

Rep. Chris Latvala – Chairman of the K-12 Appropriations Commitee

Rep. Nick DiCeglie

Ken Burke – Pinellas Clerk of the Circuit Court 

Charles Thomas – Pinellas Tax Collector

Mike Twitty – Pinellas Property Appraiser

Robert Blackmon – St. Pete City Councilman 

Mayor Bill Queen – North Redington Beach

Tyler Payne – Treasure Island Commissioner

Mayor Leslie Waters – City of Seminol

Mayor Chris Arbutine - Belleair Bluffs

Mayor Larry Lunn – Treasure Island

Bill Dudley - Pinellas County School Board

Mike Mikurak - Vice Chair JWB

Christian Voters Coalition

And many other great members of our community!


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Stephanie Meyer, non-partisan, for Pinellas County School Board, District 1.