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  • Redirect funds directly into the classroom – where it counts!


  • Recruit and retain professional teachers with better pay, more flexibility and autonomy.


  • Ensure families and students are offered an educational setting that reflects their individual needs.


  • Prevent children from being trapped in failing schools and support programs that have been proven to boost literacy skills.


  • Encourage community engagement and the development of parent/teacher partnerships.


  • Work with our Sheriff’s office to collaboratively make our schools safer and more secure


  • Refocus curriculum and instruction toward traditional subject areas to bolster student success and achievement.


  • Advocate for ESE students in streamlining the process for providing necessary services and support.


  • Protect and defend parental rights in education. 


  • Expand supplemental financial literacy curriculum in K-12 classrooms equipping students with the skills needed for financial independence.


  • Expand student access to High School Trade Programs.


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